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Extra lantern info

If you purchased your tickets during one of our “extra lantern” promos, you will receive an extra lantern with each ticket purchased. After your purchase, you will be emailed a certificate that shows the number of “extra lanterns” you will receive at the event. You will need to print out this certificate so that it can be scanned upon entry. You will receive 1 lantern card upon entry with any ticket purchased, and a second lantern card when confirming your special promo tickets. You will then exchange these lantern cards for your sky lantern kits.


If you purchased Priority Access during one of our “extra lantern” promos, you will receive 2 lantern cards in your Priority Access kit and 1 additional lantern card for the promo. You must present your order confirmation in order to receive your additional lantern card.


If you don’t have your order confirmation, don’t worry! We will have you on a special list and we can look you up by name or email address in order to confirm your additional lantern. Just let us know that you need your extra lantern.

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