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Buying tickets at the door

Although tickets can be purchased “at the door” on event day, technically they are only available for purchase through our website on your mobile phone. We don’t recommend waiting until the day of the event to purchase your tickets for a few reasons:

  • Tickets may not be available on event day. Tickets generally sell out BEFORE event day and additional tickets will not be available if this is the case.
  • Cell phone service is usually spotty at the venues and you may not have sufficient service to purchase with your phone.
  • You will not be getting the best/lowest price that we offer. “At The Door” prices are full price and we don’t offer any promo codes.
The best time to buy is now, so you can get the lowest price that will be available the rest of the season!

Ticket prices are announced once our season is open and you can view pricing on our website. Regular price is typically between $64-$74 for a ticket, however we run many promos throughout the year where you can save!

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