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Parking fees

For most events, a "Parking and Facility" fee is added to each ticket and covers the cost of parking so that you don’t need to worry about bringing cash to pay at the gates. This helps with traffic flow and helps make the parking process as quick as possible. Attendants will only be there to help with traffic and will not be taking payments for parking (unless VIP parking is available).


This also means that you DO NOT need a parking pass. Your order receipt is proof that parking has been paid, however you will NOT need to show proof when arriving.


If you see a “Parking and Facility fee” on your order at checkout, you will NOT be required to pay for parking at the venue. This also means that you can arrive in as many vehicles as needed.


Parking fees are a fixed amount PER TICKET. Tickets cannot be purchased without parking included.

Whether you purchase a single ticket, or 20 tickets, the fixed parking fee is still added to each ticket.

  • “What if I’m coming in the same vehicle with friends?” Parking fees are still required for each ticket.
  • “What if I’m taking Uber or Lyft to the event?” Parking fees are still required for each ticket.
  • “What if I only want to add another ticket to my order and I already paid for parking?” Parking fees are still required for each ticket.
If you DO NOT see a Parking and Facility fee on your order when you check out, the venue will charge for parking on the day of the event. You must bring cash.

Parking prices are set by the venue (not Night Lights), and some venues offer VIP parking for an additional $10-$30. Please refer to your location's event details page for more specific info on the week of the event. VIP parking CAN be upgraded on the day of the event, but must be paid with cash.


If you find yourself impatient or traveling with children, VIP parking may be an option for you. With VIP parking, you will be directed to park closer to the venue’s entrance. VIP parking is a shorter walking distance to the grounds, which is why most people appreciate its perks.

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