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Can I bring my pet?

We have a strict NO-PETS POLICY unless your animal meets the qualifications of an ADA service animal. This is in place to ensure the safety of guests and their furry friends.

Under the ADA, a service animal is ”a dog that has been trained to perform specific disability-related tasks or work for the benefit of a person with a disability.”

Emotional support, therapy, comfort, or companion animals do not meet these qualifications.


Can I bring a backpack?

Yes you can bring a backpack but it is likely that it will be searched. There is no outside food or drinks allowed, so bring a clear bag to get into the event more quickly.


Can I bring a camera?

Yes, feel free to bring your portable, hand-held camera.


Can I bring chairs?

Yes, please feel free to bring your own camping chairs! We highly recommend it for your own comfort.


Can I bring a speaker for music?

Since this is a shared event space, we do not allow outside speakers, including boom boxes, bluetooth speakers, etc.


Can I bring a cooler?

Most venues prohibit coolers. Please contact the venue for your location's specific policies.


Can I bring a drone?

No drone equipment is allowed unless you've been specifically hired to operate a drone for Night Lights Media. If you are interested in collaborating with us, please email our media department with your portfolio and preferred Night Lights location at


Can I bring my own fire pit?

For the safety of our guests and in accordance with fire safety ordinances, we do not allow outside fire pits or fire materials to be brought in… event if they are the same as the ones inside the venue. This is for safety and security. No exceptions.

There are portable, reusable personal fire pits available for purchase inside the event. These Radiate™ portable campfire pits have been featured on Shark Tank and are perfect for roasting marshmallows and keeping warm at our events!

Please note we have a limited quantity of fire pits. First come, first served.


Can I bring a weapon?

Guns and weapons are strictly prohibited at all Night Lights events, no exceptions. We have law enforcement present at every location to ensure this policy is upheld.


Can I bring my own lanterns?

No, we do not allow outside lanterns. Our lanterns change every year, as we are always trying to improve them. Each adult ticket comes with a sky lantern. If you'd like extra lanterns, they are available for purchase at the event.

We use specially-engineered lanterns that exceed safety and sustainability standards. It is dangerous to have any outside lanterns and our stance is strict; if any are found, we will confiscate or deny entry.


Can I bring markers to decorate my lantern?

Markers are available at the event and a marker comes free of charge with every adult ticket, but you're welcome to bring your own decorating tools!


Can I bring s'mores supplies?

Depending on your venue's food policy, outside food may not be allowed in. Please check your venue's food policy by visiting their website.

We will have s'mores kits available for purchase at the event. S’mores kits include two roasting sticks, graham crackers, and enough chocolate stuffed 'mallows to make about eight finished s'mores.

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Can I bring my own tent or canopy?

Yes! No bigger than a 10x10, since the venue is a shared space. We will ask that you close up your shade tents prior to sunset.


Can I bring a wagon or stroller?

Yes, wagons and strollers are fine.


Can I bring a wheelchair?

Yes, of course! All Night Lights locations are fully accessible.


Can I smoke or vape at this event?

With respect to other attendees at our event, we recommend that you go to the outskirts of the venue space away from everyone else if you are going to smoke or vape. Please be respectful of others around you.

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